Video Consultation

A 30-minute personalized video consultation via Zoom to explore your child's Human Design chart and address any questions you have or concerns you're experiencing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your child came with an instruction manual?

Sadly, it’s not that easy…but Human Design may be the next best thing! 

Kids are near perfect reflections of their chart. Because they haven’t been altered by their environment yet (i.e., their family system, their school, their culture), they naturally follow their heart, gut, or intuition without thinking twice.  

But as parents and caregivers, we feel an enormous pressure to protect these little beings. We think we’re making their lives easier by encouraging them to behave, think, communicate, eat or learn in a certain way. But in reality, we’re teaching them to trust others – society, teachers, parents – over themselves.

What I love about Human Design is that it gives parents and caregivers something tangible to guide them. A blueprint for understanding your child better. And this type of understanding doesn’t just benefit your child, it gives you infinitely more confidence and peace as a parent.

In this video consultation, I can help you make sense of your child’s chart and address any specific pain points you might be facing as a parent. Please come prepared with questions, so we can make the most of our short time together.

"I loved the idea of getting to know more about my son through his Human Design. The information was spot on and Alexandra shared great ideas to help me implement these insights at play time, mealtime, and even at school.”
- Andrea M.

We can cover:

  • What your child's natural gifts are and how to encourage them to develop these
  • Why your child may be struggling at home or in school and how to best support them
  • What your child's most trustworthy internal compass is and how to help them flex this muscle
  • How your child is designed to extract the most nourishment from their food
  • What and who your child is most sensitive to
  • Which environment(s) your child is most likely to thrive in and how to create this type of environment, no matter where you are
  • How your child is designed to learn most effectively and how to best support their learning style
  • And so much more!
Each child's chart is unique.

In my experience, Human Design has the potential to give parents a level of empathy and compassion for their child that very few other tools can offer.

By understanding your child’s point of view, natural gifts and triggers, and how these differ from your own, you can start to parent in the way that is most supportive for them (instead of the way that you would want to be parented).

- Alexandra Cole