Sept 22, 2023 - Feb 23, 2024

Parenting by Design

Discover how to apply the knowledge and wisdom from Human Design to become a more aligned, confident and relaxed parent. Get to know the most authentic, unfiltered version of yourself and your child, so you can develop an approach to parenting that feels fulfilling and sustainable, while creating a supportive environment for your child to thrive.
12x (bi-weekly) 90-minute, live learning sessions with Alexandra.
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Your approach to parenting is meant to be just as unique as you are. There’s no ONE best way to parent, because it all depends on the one-of-a-kind dynamic between you and your child.

Human Design is also known as “the science of differentiation”. The whole premise of this system is that we are all meant to be UNIQUE and distinct from one another. We all have individual preferences, sensitivities and interests for a reason. And yet, we’re faced with constant pressure to conform to a single norm or “best practice” (we call this pressure “conditioning” in Human Design). 

There are few areas in life where these pressures are more evident than in parenting. From the moment you conceive, you’re bombarded with (often contradicting) advice about how to feed, sleep, educate and communicate with your kid(s). And we cling to this advice because, frankly, parenthood is one big terrifying unknown–and the thought that someone knows exactly what is going to work for your child is extremely comforting.

But even if this person is an “expert” in childhood development or toddler sleep, they aren’t an expert on YOUR child or your family. And even if something has worked for “thousands of other clients”, it may not work for you.

This is where Human Design comes in. Human Design gives you a personalized blueprint for how you and your child are designed to move through the world – and interact with each other – most easefully. This system offers insight into how you and your child(ren) are designed to eat, sleep, play, communicate, learn, relate and connect in the most authentic and supportive way within your family structure.

Deep down, you probably already know what works best for you or your child, but having a chart to confirm these instincts can give you the confidence you need to TRUST yourself (and your child).

Real world example:

I remember desperately forcing my son to breastfeed at specific time intervals, because the feeding schedule I had purchased from an expert told me to do so. He would refuse to eat in the mornings (the “prime feeding hours”, according to the schedule) and in my sleep-deprived haze, I believed it was a reflection of my parenting abilities. After all, how was I supposed to know my son’s digestion doesn’t fully ramp up until the afternoon/evening?!

Thanks to Human Design, I discovered that my son is designed to consume most of his calories later in the day, once the sun goes down (“indirect digestion”). I may have intuitively felt this already, but I wasn’t confident enough in my own abilities to trust this little voice. As soon as I learned about his digestion from Human Design, it was the greatest relief AND a permission slip to stop stressing about sticking to the schedule. I allowed him to set the tone and, of course, he started naturally consuming enough in the second half of the day to more than make up for his low appetite in the mornings.

The founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, used to say that Human Design was ultimately for the kids. Because if we can raise kids to embrace their uniqueness, they won’t be as prone to conditioning and will naturally become more vibrant, whole versions of themselves. But to make this vision a reality, I believe we have to start with the parents. I designed this 6-month program to bring together everything I’ve learned as a Human Design coach and as a parent over the years.

This program is accessible for all knowledge levels – whether you’re brand new to Human Design, or have been studying this system for years. The material will touch on a variety of foundational and advanced chart elements, including energy type, authority, profile and the Variable, but the focus is on integrating these insights through real-world examples from my own parenting experiences as well as program participants who will be invited to share regularly.

IMPORTANT: The purpose of this program is NOT to train people in Human Design, but rather to help parents and caregivers INTEGRATE and APPLY the wisdom from Human Design.

The details:

12x (bi-weekly) 90-minute, live learning sessions with Alexandra Cole; each week will focus on a different topic and we will end the sessions with some “homefun” to help you integrate the learnings from that week into your parenting experience

Monthly Office Hours with Alexandra where participants can ask questions or discuss challenges they’re encountering as part of the integration process

Online course portal that houses all materials and call recordings

Lifetime access to all materials

An exclusive PDF guide featuring all the gates and their associated gifts and shadows

This program will cover:


We’ll kick off with introductions and align on the objectives for our time together. We’ll discuss what it means to “parent by design” and review the anatomy of a human design chart (and how I “read” a chart) so everyone feels ready to dive into the deep.


This week is focused on how to parent according to your own energy type and authority. We’ll cover common pitfalls, signs you might be struggling, and strategies to help you navigate any parenting challenge with confidence.


This week we’re looking at the profile lines and how to master each of your personality archetypes within the context of parenting. We’ll also explore your unique gifts (read: gates) and how these might show up differently depending on whether they live in a defined or undefined center.


Being your highest, most vibrant self as a parent starts by creating a supportive lifestyle and environment. This week, we’ll look at the Variable and other chart elements to help you design a lifestyle and self-care routine that is optimized for you.


Time to shift our focus to your child(ren)! This week, we’ll start by reviewing the unique expression of each energy type in kids and how to best support them when it comes to rest, play, communication, and decision-making. We’ll also spend some time discussing the significance of the solar plexus (emotional center) and what it means to be an “emotional” vs. a “non-emotional” child.


Education is one of the areas in which your child will no doubt experience the most conditioning. So, the more attuned you are (and your child is!) to their individual learning style and the approach or environment that will be most supportive, the easier it will be to advocate for them (and to teach them to advocate for themselves). We’ll be looking at energy type, profile, Variable, and more.


There are a few KEY ingredients that can increase the likelihood that your child thrives: good sleep, proper nourishment, and strong boundaries. This week, we’ll explore all these topics, diving into sleep by energy type, environment, digestion, and strategies to manage certain sensitivities that come from undefined centers.


This is where it all starts to come together! After looking at you and your child independently, we’ll explore what happens when your auras (read: energies) meet. This week will focus on the dynamics between energy types and the different types of connection channels you might have with your child or co-parent: compromise channels, dominance channels, companionship channels, and electro-magnetic channels.


Time to explore the unique energetics between you and your child(ren). This week is a deep-dive into the interaction between centers and what happens when a defined center encounters an undefined center. We discuss strategies for managing the inevitable tensions that might arise and how to create a more complementary dynamic.


The most important relationship within any family is the relationship between co-parents or primary caregivers. Human Design can be an invaluable tool to help you understand your co-parent better and learn to honor their parenting style, even if it is drastically different than your own. We’ll look at their energy type, definition in centers and the connection channels you share, as well as share lots of real-world examples of how to play to each other’s strengths.


Even though our child(ren) are the center of our universe, it’s important to derive a sense of purpose from something outside of your role as parent. This week, we learn the anatomy of your incarnation cross and how it can help you lean into your purpose with more confidence and clarity. We’ll also look at several other chart elements that offer insight into not just WHY you’re here on this earth, but HOW you might embody your purpose in the most easeful, authentic way possible.


We'll reflect on the program, discuss strategies to support the integration of the principles we learned, and leave plenty of time for more Q&A at the end.

"I loved the idea of getting to know more about my son through his Human Design. The information was spot on and Alexandra shared great ideas to help me implement these insights at play time, mealtime, and even at school.”
- Andrea M.

The Parenting by Design program is for you if: 

  • You want to build self awareness in order to avoid passing on any negative experiences or behavioral patterns to your child
  • You want to strengthen your relationship and bond with your child
  • You are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and drained as a parent and want to parent in a way that feels more aligned and sustainable for you
  • You’re experiencing difficulties with your child and want to understand them better, as well as learn strategies to communicate or interact more effectively
  • You and your co-parent have different parenting styles and it’s affecting your family dynamic
  • You are a fan of human design in theory, but want to learn how to apply the insights from this system in practice


Who is the instructor?

Hi! My name is Alexandra Cole and I’m a former corporate consultant turned Human Design coach. I am also a parent to my adorable 1/3 Emotional Manifesting Generator, Leo. You can read more about my story here.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a self-awareness tool that gives you insight into how you’re designed to invest your energy and move through the world in the most optimal, effortless, and purposeful way. You can find more details here.

Do I need to know anything about Human Design?

Having a basic familiarity with the foundational terms and chart elements will help (energy type, authority, profile), but I will dedicate part of our first session to ensuring that we all have a good understanding of the system. Generally, I find that you learn the fastest when you’re motivated and are able to apply the learnings instantly. This program is designed to ensure both of these terms are met! Keep in mind, this is NOT a Human Design training or 101 course. You will learn a LOT throughout the program, but the emphasis is on learning through integration and application vs. memorization.

Is the program focused on children of a particular age?

No. The information in this program can be used to support parents and children at any stage of development, even if the expression of a certain chart element might vary based on age. We will use examples and discuss strategies that span the age range from newborns to teens.

How does this differ from other parenting courses or programs?

The program is NOT intended to be a rulebook or methodology. Instead, Alexandra will use her knowledge of the human design system to suggest a series of personalized experiments to help you discover more about your own and your child’s design as well as offer strategies for how to create the most supportive home environment and relationship possible.

Can I get a refund?

Because this is a live course, we do not offer refunds.

What if I can’t attend the calls live?

The call recordings will be uploaded to the Thriving by Design portal for you to access at any time and you will be able to submit questions for Office Hours in advance, even if you’re unable to join live. You will also have lifetime access to the course content via the portal.

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Understanding the nature of your child means you can offer them the privilege of an environment in which they can grow up as themselves. This is quite rare, and it is really what the knowledge is for. This knowledge is for children
- Ra Uru Hu, Founder of Human Design