It all starts with your chart.

Your Human Design chart is a blueprint for how you’re designed to move through the world in the most optimal, effortless way. Similar to astrology, the chart is based on the energetics of the world and solar system the exact moment that a person is born. 

Think of your chart as a personal energetic algorithm.

A unique combination of gifts, preferences and sensitivities that inform exactly how someone is *designed* to thrive in life. The more you allow this algorithm to guide you, the more ease and fulfillment you’ll experience. The more you try to fight this authentic expression of energy, the more resistance you’ll meet. 
If you haven’t already, make sure to download your free chart as well as the charts of any kids or family members.
Naturally, there’s a lot more science and theory behind Human Design, but we’ve chosen to focus on the application of this tool here.
We created Thriving by Design to show you how to make sense of–and live in alignment with–your own (and your kids’) design so you can become a more confident, relaxed parent. 
All of our resources are designed to support you, no matter how deep you’ve gone down the Human Design rabbit hole. No jargon, no woo, just practical insights you can apply to whatever challenge you’re facing–from parenting to work and relationships to diet.
If you do want to go deeper, I recommend starting here

Tools to help you live by design


Raised by Design

A personalized parenting cheat sheet for your child.



Nourish by Design

Your roadmap to more satisfying family mealtimes - videos, guide, and actionable worksheet.


Well by Design

Your personal guide to optimal health and well-being.

Georgia C.

"I was truly blown away by how spot on this report was. It’s amazing to see how little people really live their design and it helped me see why my daughter wants things a certain way, even if it doesn’t make sense to me.”

Julianne D.

"What a gift to have as a parent - another lens through which to view your child as an individual in addition to tactical steps to help guide them into being exactly who they already know they are."

Andrea M.

"I loved the idea of getting to know more about my son through his Human Design. The information was spot on and Alexandra shared great ideas to help me implement these insights at play time, mealtime, and even at school.”


Starting thriving for free.

Parent by Design Cheat Sheets

Learn how to parent most effectively based on Human Design Energy Type.

Get Your Human Design Chart

New to Human Design? Lookup your child's (or your own) to get started.

Energy Type Cheat Sheets

Discover your type's superpowers, common struggles, self care tips, and more.

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