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It's not easy to be yourself.

Parents and kids alike are under a lot of pressure to conform. Social media, our education system, company cultures...they all suggest that there's only one way to be successful. It's no wonder that kids as young as 6 years old are being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and addiction at unprecedented rates.
But what if we could empower families with a tool to help manage these pressures more effectively?
Imagine a world where kids (and their parents) are allowed – encouraged even – to trust themselves. Instead of feeling forced to communicate, learn, play and connect in a way that suits others, we would feel confident enough to do it in the way that feels most authentic to us.
Human Design can help create this new reality.

Hi, I'm Alexandra.

I’m a former corporate consultant turned Human Design coach, focused on helping parents leverage Human Design to raise happy little humans.

My passion is empowering parents with invaluable insight into themselves and their kids, so they can develop thoughtful strategies to address real-life pain points – from food and tantrums to finding purpose beyond parenting. 

Think of me as a translator. I can help you make sense of your own and your child's Human Design and offer actionable advice on how to apply this knowledge to find more ease, fulfillment and joy in your everyday life.


Tools to help you live by design


Raised by Design

A personalized parenting cheat sheet for your child.



Nourish by Design

Your roadmap to more satisfying family mealtimes - videos, guide, and actionable worksheet.


Well by Design

Your personal guide to optimal health and well-being.

Georgia C.

"I was truly blown away by how spot on this report was. It’s amazing to see how little people really live their design and it helped me see why my daughter wants things a certain way, even if it doesn’t make sense to me.”

Julianne D.

"What a gift to have as a parent - another lens through which to view your child as an individual in addition to tactical steps to help guide them into being exactly who they already know they are."

Andrea M.

"I loved the idea of getting to know more about my son through his Human Design. The information was spot on and Alexandra shared great ideas to help me implement these insights at play time, mealtime, and even at school.”


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