Nourish by Design

Discover how easeful family mealtimes can be. This online course, guide, and worksheet give you the knowledge and the tools to feed your family in the most supportive way possible.

When it comes to parenting pain points, food and mealtime woes are at the top of the list for many.

Picky eaters, distracted eaters, tantrums at the dinner table…we’ve all been there! And no matter what age your littles are–from newborns to teenagers–making sure your child is well-fed can be incredibly stressful, especially when your child is unable to communicate why they’re struggling. 

Fortunately, Human Design offers insight into how your child is designed to eat in a way that is most nourishing and supportive for their unique system. Spoiler alert: it’s not about what they eat, but rather about how the food is consumed. 

The Nourish by Design course translates all of this knowledge into an easy-to-digest (pun intended!) guide and worksheet, so you can apply it to your family’s food regimen.

For years, my husband and I considered our daughter to be a picky eater. We thought we had tried everything, but it turns out that the answer was so much simpler than we imagined. Our daughter is “Cold Food” and we had been forcing warm meals on her from the beginning. Now we know to offer cold alternatives, meals are so much less stressful and tense for everyone involved!
- Karina D.

Tools to conquer family mealtimes

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials to introduce you to the fundamentals of food and digestion in Human Design

Printable Guide

25+ page guide that covers the 12 digestion types with detailed tips for supporting your kids based on their type

Family Cheat Sheet

Personalized worksheet to help you craft a sustainable mealtime strategy that supports the entire family

What you'll learn:

  • What “digestion” represents within the Human Design system and where it comes from
  • Why eating for your digestion type is so important, especially for kids
  • Whether your child has an “active” or “passive” digestion type and how this can affect their appetite
  • An introduction to the 12 digestion types, what they’re most sensitive to and how this can inform food and mealtime preferences
  • Tactical tips and ideas for how you can better support your child’s digestion type
  • Strategies for feeding the whole family in a way that nourishes everyone without having to cook multiple meals
I crafted this course to help parents and kids thrive.

My goal is to help parents become more confident and relaxed by giving them tools to better understand how their child is designed to operate and move through life in the most natural, effortless way possible.

Food is a BIG part of that, because it’s what keeps our whole system running.

By understanding your child’s digestion type, you can make sure they’re getting the fuel they need to operate at their best–and empower them with this knowledge too.

- Alexandra Cole