Raised by Design

A 20+ page personalized parenting cheat sheet that offers insight into your child’s unique sensitivities, preferences and gifts, as well as tactical tips for how to empower them to become more of who they’re designed to be.

Becoming a parent made me fall in love with Human Design all over again.

As a new mom, I discovered that parenting was every part as rewarding, challenging and humbling as they said it would be. Without the ability to communicate with our son in those early months, I often felt helpless. It was impossible to interpret every cry or whine, even though I wanted so badly to answer them. Meanwhile, every article I read or podcast I listened to seemed to offer contradicting advice. 

Then I looked at his Human Design. It showed me how he was designed to learn, play, communicate, connect, and eat in the most natural and supportive way for him. These insights made me a more confident parent, because I knew exactly how to show up for him. 

As caregivers, we often feel pressure to do more than we need to. But our job is not to “shape” these little beings into anything or anyone. Our job is to teach our kids to trust themselves so they can show us what they need to thrive. 

Alexandra has taken the complex concept of human design and created a roadmap so easily digestible, supportive, and gentle. What a gift to have as a parent - another lens through which to view your child as an individual in addition to tactical steps to help guide them into being exactly who they already know they are.
- Julianne D.
"I loved the idea of getting to know more about my son through his Human Design. The information was spot on and Alexandra shared great ideas to help me implement these insights at play time, mealtime, and even at school.”
- Andrea M.

What you'll learn:

  • How your child is designed to use their energy in the most effective way
  • Signs that your child may be struggling and what you can do to support them
  • How your child is designed to make the best decisions
  • What and who your child is most sensitive to
  • The environment(s) your child is most likely to thrive in
  • Tips for more effective play and sleep habits
  • Your child’s preferred learning style and how to empower them
Our job is not to “shape” our little ones into something or someone.

Our job is to teach our kids to trust themselves.

To provide a safe space for them to discover what they enjoy, how they relate to others, what they’re good at and ultimately, who they are.

This report offers parents the guidance and encouragement to do this.

- Alexandra Cole