Live Your Design

A digital membership & community for people who are ready to move beyond the theory of human design and discover what’s possible when you put this information into practice.
Members receive a weekly email newsletter that includes a short video lesson about a specific chart element, a real world example, and step-by-step guidance on how to experiment with this chart property in your own life. Members are also invited to join exclusive monthly coaching calls with Thriving by Design founder, Alexandra Cole, and a community of fellow human design enthusiasts who are committed to sharing learnings from their own experiments.
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This membership helps you become the person you were designed to be, one experiment at a time.

Human design offers us a roadmap for living out our purpose in the most effortless, impactful way.

But understanding your design and actually living in alignment with your design are two very different things. Sure, you may understand what it means to be an “emotional generator” in theory, but how do you apply this information when it comes to everyday activities and choices – whether it’s buying groceries, playing with your kids, or growing your business?

We often refer to human design as “the great experiment”, because the way you ultimately discover what is and is not aligned for you is by observing how your body responds to different situations, opportunities, people and places. In order to do this, we have to let go of everything we *think* makes sense to or for us (something we call “deconditioning”) and start experimenting. But without proper guidance and support, it can be very difficult to commit to this process.

There are so many incredible teachers and human design courses out there, but what is missing in my opinion is support when it comes to integrating the insights from your chart and translating them into meaningful outcomes for your career, relationships, well-being, and life.

Actionable insights & experiments to help you live your most aligned, vibrant and impactful life.





So, what can you expect?

  • A weekly newsletter featuring a short video lesson, a “human design IRL” story from my own life or client sessions, and a challenge to help you dive deeper into your own design.
  • PDF worksheets and templates to support the integration and learnings coming out of your weekly chart challenges.
  • Access to our growing library of video lessons and experiments.
  • Access to a live monthly members-only coaching call, where Alexandra will answer your questions related to the topic of the month.
  • Access to a private community of fellow human-design enthusiasts who are experimenting and learning alongside you.
  • A 15% discount on all existing (and new) Thriving by Design products and early access to new offerings.
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The purpose of this membership is to help you not just understand but live your design through actionable content, personalized support, and shared learnings from our community.
- Alexandra Cole

This membership is for you if...

  • You’ve been studying your human design chart for a while now, but want to see what might happen if you went “all in” on your experiment.
  • You understand your chart in theory, but are struggling to find practical, easy ways to apply these insights to your everyday life.
  • You have had periods where you were confidently “living” your design, but then fell back into your old misaligned patterns and habits because no one was holding you accountable.
  • You want access to more 1:1 human design coaching without the crazy monthly price tag or long-term commitment.
  • You are looking for more alignment and purpose in your life, but feel overwhelmed and unsure about where to start.
  • You want to learn from other like-minded individuals who are running their own human design experiments.

Launch pricing is $20/month (just $5/week) and you can cancel your membership at any time. This price will likely increase at the end of the year for new subscribers, so this may be your only chance to lock in this introductory rate! 

What inspired the LYD Membership? 

After teaching my first live mastermind, Parenting by Design, I witnessed just how important integration and reflection is when it comes to human design. Every other week, I’d teach on a particular topic and give students specific exercises to do in the weeks that followed to help them integrate the material into their everyday lives as parents. We would start the next session by sharing our aha’s and it became abundantly clear that this was where the real transformation happened: in the experimenting, the observing, the reflecting, and iterating.

Around the same time, I noticed that the social posts and newsletter content that resonates most with my community typically features real-world examples from my own life, my family members’ lives, and client sessions. There's so much to learn from observing others express their design — whether they have the same or different chart elements — and I wanted a more intimate setting in which to share this type of content and learn alongside each other.

Finally, I continue to receive a lot of requests to coach people individually. Sadly, I don’t have the bandwidth to take on more 1:1s during this season of life with two little ones at home. But, as a 5/1 with the 59-6 channel, I feel most fulfilled when going deep with clients and helping them troubleshoot specific challenges they’re facing through the lens of human design. This is near impossible through social channels alone, so I wanted to create a forum where I could offer personalized support in a more affordable way.

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I've taken in oodles of information in the recent months on Human Design and the Gene Keys and Alexandra's explanation of this system is much clearer and more practical than anything I've seen so far.
- Samantha M.